2017 Annual Dinner, with a representation of the Government and FC Barcelona. | Sergio Ruiz / ABJ

2017 Barça Players’ Association Reunion in Calella (Barcelona).

The aim of this area is to maintain contact between players and help them to strengthen relationships, promoting values such as companionship, the Barça spirit and teamwork.

In keeping with this spirit, the social area offers the following services:

Ex-Players Reunion (July)

This reunion is a day for FCB ex-players to meet up and play football matches; a series of touristic activities are also organised for the matches; a series of touristic activities are also organised for the companions that attend the day with them. This event is held each year at the end of the season in a different part of Catalonia.

Annual Dinner (November)

Around 450 people, most of whom are Association members, take part in this Christmas dinner every year. It is a special celebration because well-known FCB ex-players attend, as well as relevant people from the world of politics and business, in order to take a look back on the year and wish us happy holidays.

Leisure and Free Time Activities

In order to strengthen the relationships between our members and make the most of the group spirit, trips and activities are organised throughout the season for all Association members with the aim of forming stronger bonds through leisure and culture.

Check out our upcoming events to find out what activities are planned for the next three months.