Mission and History

We are the organisation that unites ex-players from all FC Barcelona football teams; from the youth system up to the first team. The Association was founded in 1959.
New Association's logo
New Association's logo

FC Barcelona Players Association is the association of FC Barcelona former players, ​​which aims to guard players during and after their professional life, integrating them, helping them and accompanying them, and returning to FC Barcelona and society, what has been received from the Club and society in general.

FC Barcelona Players Association must be a reference entity worldwide, led by the players themselves, made up of all players of any category of soccer of FC Barcelona, ​​which offers help and services of excellence for their associates, the who feel proud to belong to the Group.

Our values

Experience. The Association is made up of people who know football, teamwork, understanding what is a game and a competition. This is a defining value as we speak of FC Barcelona players.

Solidarity The reason of being of the Association is the help between equals, the solidarity between the people, between the players. There is a feeling of belonging to the same set that demonstrates the obligations between its members, especially as regards mutual assistance. With a clear emphasis on companionship: understood as an attitude that surrounds the group, when developing interpersonal, human, and friendship relationships.

Excellence We provide a superior quality, which exceeds all the others and is distinguished by being a reference for others. It is working considering the pursuit of the maximum degree of quality in the products as well as in the services that we provide to the members of the Group as well as the environment of the same.

Teamwork. Both in the stadium and in life we ​​work as a team, making the group more powerful than the individual and with the idea of ​​helping us at all times. This is an absolutely transversal value that applies to the entire operation of the entity.

Regarding the roots. We retrieve, take care of ourselves, spread our roots, our history, which forms part of Barça's legacy. We respect the roots and we take care of storing them, spreading them and remembering where we come from.

Commitment With the players, with the club, with society.

Brief history

The idea of ​​setting up a FCB Players Association started in 1946, when a series of former players wanted to take a step forward to promote the relationship between them and not lose their friendship when they played, more than keep doing Barcelonism. It was in 1959 when the Association was really established and, from there, another equally important goal began to be contemplated: to help the former players that after leaving Soccer they had not been successful in their new life professional

In October 2003, the Government of Catalonia granted Sant George's cros, the highest civil distinction granted by the Generalitat, to the FC Barcelona Players Association for its constant humanitarian effort to support all members and relatives who are they encounter difficulties.

Barça Veterans Foundation

The "Barça Veterans Private Foundation" was created in 1995 under the chairmanship of Ladislau Kubala. It is a sports, cultural and charitable foundation, which aims to help the former players of FC Barcelona who meet without the minimum means of subsistence. It also helps, if necessary, to his or her widows or close relatives, always giving preference to the former player. The aid is based on temporary or life-time financial benefits, job search or welfare or geriatric assistance.


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