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Various social events and activities are organised throughout the season in order to promote relations between our player and supporter members.
BPA's Annual Dinner / David Cuella

The Member Area of ​​FC Barcelona Players Association is in charge of maintaining the links between the former players of FC Barcelona and giving them the services that help their well-being, promoting values ​​such as companionship, barcelonism, or work in equipment


A day of reunion of former Club players in which football matches are played and other social activities are organized. Each year it is celebrated at a point in the Catalan geography different from the end of the season.


Annual Memorial Dinner, where around 400 people participate, the majority of the members of the Association. It is a very special celebration, as there are former team players, Club directors and relevant personalities from the political and business world, to take stock of the year and congratulate the parties.


Travel of a social and tourist nature directed to the members of the Association majors of 65 years and of which two editions are made. One dedicated to former team players and another in which the players are the top players in the category.


In order to strengthen the links between our members and take advantage of the strength of a group, throughout the season, excursions and activities are organized for all the members of the Association and supporters with the aim of promoting their relationships through of leisure and culture.


In early 2020 the Association has opened its headquarters in a building acquired by the entity in the Travessera de les Corts, near the Camp Nou. This venue brings all the services to exfutbolistes of the Club: physiotherapy and recovery, training rooms, social space, museum and office space. The Association is expected to be in this place while the construction of the Espai Barça lasts.

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