Leyendas Barça al Micrófono: Los Inmortales Podcast

The FC Barcelona Players' Association podcast. Presented by Asensi

The podcast where you will learn about the history of FC Barcelona from the inside, explained by the ex players themselves. Host by Juan Manuel Asensi.


The episodes are available on Youtube and Spotify.



Episode 18 - With Tente Sánchez, Maria Teresa Andreu and Antonio Olmo.

Episode 17 - With José J. Albaladejo, Manolo Toral and Albert Tomàs.

Episode 16 - With Africa Ocaña, Loli Lamarca and Elisabet Cólera.

Episode 15 - With Salvador Sadurní, Marcial Pina and Paco "Gallego".

Episode 14 - With Palomares, Llangostera i Lozano.

Episode 13 - With Moha Youbi, "Pirri" Almazán and Alberto Manga.

Episode 12 - With Paco Fortes, Salva García and Felipe Sanchón.

Episode 11 - With Paco Clos, Jordi Roura and "Pitu" Comadevall.

Episode 10 - With Marc Valiente, Xavi Moro, and Migue.

Episode 9 - With Carme Nieto, Lolita Ortiz and Consuelo Pérez.

Episode 8 - With Eusebio Sacristán, Antonio Olmo and Flor de Luna Pila.

Episode 7 - With Rafael Zuviría, Jesús Angoy and Javier Delgado.

Episode 6 - With Carlos Busquets, Lluís Carreras and Juanjo Carricondo.

Episode 5 (Pt. 2) - With Onésimo Sánchez, Quique Estebaranz and Leticia Viñole.

Episode 5 (Pt. 1) - With Onésimo Sánchez, Quique Estebaranz and Leticia Viñole.

Episode 4 - With Xavier Guzmán, Charly Rexach and Jordi Martínez.

Episode 3 - With José Alexanko, Sergi Barjuan and Paco Martínez.

Episode 2 - With Pello, Boque and Cristian Hidalgo.

Episode 1- With Miguel Reina, Pere Valentí and Cristina Molina.



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