Areas of Activity

Activity Areas

The activity of FC Barcelona Players Association is divided into different areas that develop services for both our members and society, promoting the values ​​and history of FC Barcelona.


In charge of the economic management of the Association. In this area, the entity's budget is prepared, control is carried out, assets, investments, and purchases of stocks are managed and it is also in charge of administration and accounting.


The Association has a legal advice inscribed in this area, as well as the responsibility of the Bylaws, the Internal Order Regulations and the Disciplinary Committee. This area includes the management of Human Resources (selection, personnel management, risk prevention and internal training). Compliance with LOPD and the Compliance Officer are also the responsibility of this area.


It offers a "space" of continuity for FC Barcelona players of any age: manages the training and matches of the different teams. It is also in charge of the relationship with Barça Legends.

The Sports Area is exclusively aimed at our players partners and offers services such as:
Weekly trainings: sessions at the FC Barcelona Sports City fields.
Football matches: either at local, national or international level, with former players of all categories, both male and female.
Sports health service: physiotherapy, traumatology, accident insurance.


This area of ​​the Association is responsible for giving service to former FC Barcelona players with reference to professional orientation, Job Board and maintaining relations with training and work institutions and related Club areas, such as Masia 360, Barça Academy or Barça Innovation Hub. At the level of training, from this area, the Training Plan (courses, workshops, conferences) is designed and implemented, and scholarships and labour scholarships are supported. This area of ​​the Association also makes a natural connection with the Barça Veterans Foundation.


Serves to maintain the links between the players and giving them the services that help their well-being, promoting values ​​such as company, Barcelonism and teamwork. They are services aimed at all members, as well as supporting players, such as social activities (Annual Dinner, Meeting, Folga and Folgueta, Assembly, Leisure and Leisure, Mass of Deaths and Delivery of Medals), commercial advantages and other promotions.

The Members Area is designed and managed to assist the members of the Association, the acquisition of new partners, the CRM and the design and physical organisation of the company headquarters.


This area is responsible for promoting the values ​​experienced by FC Barcelona players through the management and participation of different events. Likewise, it is also the area that keeps watch over the historical memory of FCB and maintains relations with other institutions.

This area includes relations with the World Confederation of Supporters Clubs, the Barça Foundation, their own projects such as the Barça Players Week, the Barça Players, the Barça Identity or the Barça Tribune. It will also be in charge of leading the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the entity and of the communication.


From this area, the brand of the Association (design, applications) is managed along with everything related to the exploitation of resources, the management of services to third parties, the commercial plan, the search of subsidies and sponsorship and sustainable development.

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