Professional Development

The Association offers professional guidance services, job boards and scholarships and practices for former players and former players of FC Barcelona
Professional Development


From the Education and Development Area, the professional guidance and workforce services are coordinated, exclusively aimed at FC Barcelona ex-players who are members of the Association, as well as their family members of 1st grade. The purpose of these projects is to help our partners to reorient their career, develop professionally or change jobs.


In an active way, the department is responsible for weaving alliances to find new job opportunities for ex-club members, especially in the sports field. In this sense, the Association has a coaching stock of 70 people of different profiles that can be adapted to the needs of the demand.


Since 2017 the Association has a grant to expand sports knowledge in a professional club. The grant includes a one-week immersion stay in the training dynamics of the team. On the other hand, in 2019 the Association launched a new scholarship expansion program for members of the Association who want to acquire new specialized and high level knowledge.


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