Sports Area

Playing football, whether it is in weekly training sessions or matches, continues to be one of the main services for the Association Player Members.
Once a year, BPA celebrates in Camp Nou the end of the season.

Training Sessions

FC Barcelona Players Association offers its members the opportunity to participate in the sports activity of the entity. Because one of the main passions of former players is not just watching football, but also playing it. During the week, the FC Barcelona Sports City is the meeting point for more than 150 former players and former Barça players who play football. The male team trains twice a week (Tuesday and Friday at noon) while the Feminine Association every Friday evening.

Soccer matches

The different teams of the Association participate every year in more than 50 matches and tournaments of different types, at the local, national or international level, recently: the Sahara, the Czech Republic, Greece, Dubai, Qatar or Germany. Likewise, they also participate in other commitments, such as tribute parties to former players, personalities, etc. or parties to celebrate the centenaries of different clubs in Catalonia.

On the other hand, throughout the year, the Association organizes parties for their members: Christmas matches, the Annual Meeting, Summer matches and the Triangular +55. Our teams are tailor made for the commitments we serve. They may be composed of former team players and also for former players of lower categories. Since 2017, the Association also has the Association Femenine team.

Health services to the former player

The Association has its own physiotherapy and recovery service. This service is given both outside of the sporting activity (physiotherapy room and rehabilitation) and in the training sessions and matches (physiotherapist, doctor). In addition all the people that practice soccer activity with the Association have cover in case of accident and periodically they pass a medical and sport review in the Medical Services of the Club.

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