The FC Barcelona Players Association set the Education and Development Area in motion in 2012, with the aim of broadening the skills of Association members in order to aid their professional progress.
Sports courses also include a practical part / Pedro Valero

The Education and Development Department of the Association aims to promote the education, professional experience and job placement of former players that are currently unemployed or that want to improve their current job situation, focusing on:

  • Improvement and competence development (training).
  • Research and dissemination of jobs adapted to users of the service (job search).


Whether you have recently finished your professional career or you have been working for a long time, spending some time updating your knowledge will always help you.

The Association offers an open space where the former players of FC Barcelona will find a set of training proposals to acquire specific knowledge, tools and abilities that will allow them to develop both in the personal and professional fields. We are talking about courses and training linked to growth and personal motivation, language skills, office skills. One of the more specific pathways is the Sports Technician, which offers training related to the training and the tools that a monitor or football coach may need.

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