Support to former players

Barcelonism and active life

Actions program of promotion of barcelonism and an active life directed to the elderly. 

Football to remember: Reminiscence, football and Barça

It is developed for elderly with an initial cognitive impairment as well as for healthy elderly, to promote an active aging lifestyle in the following places:

  • Nursing homes
  • Day care centres
  • Elderly "casals"
  • FC Barcelona Supporter's Clubs
  • FC Barcelona Players Association
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FC Barcelona is always at the center of the reminiscence workshops.

The sessions are led by Association's members duly trained.

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As long as it's possible, in this workshop there is a visit from a Barcelona legeng or a FCB Femení pioneer and a visit to the Club's Musuem and Stadium Tour at the Camp Nou. This activity is developed together with the Spanish Veteran Players Federation (FEAFV).

Fundació Jugadors Camp Nou

Barça Tribune

In a session led by FC Barcelona former players, they watch Barça's games in the following institutions:

  • Hospital Clínic
  • Hospital Vall d'Hebrón
  • Nursing Homes

This programa counts on the help from the volunteering plan of the FC Barcelona Players Association.

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