Rivaldo, with first vice president Jordi Cardoner, and director Pau Vilanova, during the meeting. | FCB

The Barça Players’ Association (BPA) has celebrated the return of Rivaldo to FC Barcelona, to become a member of the FCB Legends team. The Brazilian ex-player will join the team which is presented by the Club and the BPA together in order to contribute to the globalisation of the Barça brand and its values. Taking advantage of his stay in Barcelona to participate in the presentation of a new club sponsor, Rivaldo confirmed his commitment to the FCB Legends project during a meeting with vice president Jordi Cardoner, and the director in charge of relations with the BPA, Pau Vilanova. Rivaldo also visited the BPA headquarters, accompanied by another ex-player, Juliano Belletti, where he spent a while chatting with ex-players and posed for a photograph with BPA members of staff.

The relationship between FC Barcelona and one of its most important ex-players has taken a step forward. The BPA has had a relationship with Rivaldo over recent years. In fact, he pulled on the Barça shirt as an ex-player in a match played by the organisation in Panama in autumn, 2014. 



Rivaldo and Belletti visit the BPA headquarters.

Rivaldo and Belletti visit the BPA headquarters. | FCB

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