Most of the new female members of the Barça Players Association collected their membership cards at the event held at the FC Barcelona 1899 Auditorium. | Cuella / ABJ

This Wednesday evening, the Barça Players Association (BPA) organised a welcoming act for 52 new female Club player and ex-player members. The BPA President, Ramon Alfonseda, the FC Barcelona Vice President, Jordi Cardoner, and Pau Vilanova, the FC Barcelona Director in charge of relations with the BPA, were all in attendance at the event held at the 1899 Auditorium. 

35 of the 52 new BPA members attended the event, and they were able to collect their membership cards in person. Before that, ex-players Noemí Rubio and Núria Llansà, and the current 1st Team captain, Marta Unzué, explained the reasons why the group were joining the BPA.

After that, a video was shown in which a good number of Association members wanted to personally welcome the new members. Amongst them were Andrés Iniesta, Lobo Carrasco, Gica Popescu and Frederic Dehú. The group of 52 new female BPA members is made up of 14 FCB Women’s 1st Team players and 38 ex-players from different teams throughout the Club. This is the second group entry in the Association by female ex-player members, after a group of 10 pioneer players from the FC Barcelona Women’s Team joined the organisation in 2013. 

Ramon Alfonseda statement
“Your wider and deeper viewpoints as women will make the BPA dream possible, to be more than an association”.

Jordi Cardoner statement
“FC Barcelona is the sports club with the most female members in the world; 40,000. The men took 100 years to win a Champions League, now we’re not in a rush; we’re on the right track.”

Noemí Rubio statement
 “As women players we’re starting to feel valued. It’s now a source of pride for us to feel that we are being recognised.”


The new female members of the BPA

1st Team Players
Ane Bergara
Irene del Río
Míriam Diéguez
Olga Garcia
Ruth Garcia
Gema Gili
Jennifer Hermoso
Vicky Losada
Leila Ouahabi
Sandra Paños
Alexia Putellas
Laura Ràfols
Melanie Serrano
Marta Unzué

Cristina Aguilar
Veronica Arcos
Maria José Camacho
Laura Cantó
Esther Casals
Elisabet Cólera
Marina Colomé
Marta Cubí
Sílvia Díaz
Maria Goretti Donaire
Erica Fernández
Paulina Ferre
Aida García
Irene González
Cristina Jiménez
Saray Lucha
Silvia Mariano
Maria Isabel Martín
Marina Millán
Rosanna Miquel
Araceli Miquel
Alba Montserrat
Neus Montserrat
Alba Moreno
Olga Moreno
Melisa Nicolau
Cristina Pacheco
Gema Pacheco
Flor de Luna Pila
Maria José Pons
Maria del Pilar Puig
Marisa Quiles
Noemí Rubio
Marina Torras
Esther Torrecilla
Verónica Treviño
Silvia Vila
Leticia Viñole

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