The BPA team participated on September 11th in the 10th Hermanos Glaría Trophy, in Villafranca (Navarra) | EL JOC

The explayers Robert Fernández and Felix Palomares, members of the BPA team | EL JOC

Two generations: Haruna Babangida and Juan Carlos Rodríguez, in the 10th Hermanos Glaría Trophy. | EL JOC

The Barça Players' Association (BPA) team participated on Sunday September 11th in the 10th Hermanos Glaría Trophy, held in Villafranca, Navarra. Ex Barça players such as Robert Fernández, Eusebio Sacristán, Goiko or Kodro were part of the BPA team. The tournament, in a round-robin format, concluded with the Osasuna veterans' victory, who managed to break a balanced match against ABJ due to a very precise foul (BPA 0 - Osasuna 1). The local team, CD Alesves, and the Osasuna veterans opened up the tournament in a match which ended in victory (3-0) for the Pamplona team.

During the last match of the tournament, the BPA son 3-1 against the local team, with goals scored by Juan Carlos Moreno, Babangida and Molina. The commute to Villafranca allowed the BPA members to visit the baroque site, one of the city's cultural highlights.

The BPA team was formed by the following explayers: Haruna Babangida, Joan Cañadas, Javier Delgado, Robert Fernández, Sergio García, Jon Andoni Goikoetxea, Javier Guzmán, Meho Kodro, Felix Palomares, Eusebio Sacristán, Javi Molina, Juan Carlos Moreno, Sergi Pérez, Josep Pérez Serer, Juan Carlos Rodríguez, and Mario Rosas. The members of the technical team were Josep Palau, Joan Boneu, Enric Castellà, and Eduardo Juan.

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