Antonio Pinilla spoke about the Barça identity which is transmitted to everyone | VLO Produccions

On Friday, 28th of October, the former FC Barcelona player, Antonio Pinilla, took centre stage at a talk about the Club’s values for participants on a camp organised by ISL Fútbol in Barcelona. Thanks to the sponsorship deal between the American company and the Barça Players’ Association, those taking part in the camp were able to attend the event at the 1899 Auditorium, giving them the chance to get to know more about Barça’s identity and how the players experience it.

Antonio Pinilla, a blue and claret player between 1989 and 1992, told them about how the Club’s players receive an education that goes beyond sport, talking about the experience within the youth system and how values are worked on. ISL, who manage different FCB Escola schools in the USA, organised a camp in Barcelona for 200 American boys and girls over the last few days. The relationship with the BPA allows them to go into greater depth with regards to the Club’s identity, and also run different activities linked to the experience.

ISL and the BPA have a collaboration agreement making it possible for ex-players with a sports education to take part in the camps that the company organises in different states in the USA. At the same time, the Association helps ISL with the organisation of their activities in Barcelona.


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